What is Joint Replacement technic

Rajebahadur Hospital and Research Center Pvt.Ltd.As a Nashik based medical care group, we have always strived towards improving the lives of the citizens of Maharashtra.

For the past 24 years, since 1992, Rajebahadur Hospital and Research Center Pvt.Ltd.(ISO9001/2008), has been serving the citizens of Nashik. with the aim to provide all-round holistic medical treatment.1965 has signified an advocate of non-surgical measures to correct the pain and only in situations where non-surgical measures are of no help, joint replacement in Nashik. is advised. The dedicated Joint (Knee & Hip) Replacement unit of Rajebahadur Hospital and Research Center Pvt.Ltd., one of its kind in the country, conducts replacement surgeries for the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, and elbow.

A specially created complex of 4 operating theatres incorporating advanced processes, such as laminar airflows, a specialized coating of the walls of the theater which are seamless, and the special coating of the flooring which is antistatic and bacterial and fungal resistant; provides a highly sterile environment essential to avoid post-surgery infections.

It is a testament to our total commitment to human health. Our sister concern Rajebahadur Heart Foundation Pvt.Ltd.is the first heart care center in Northern Maharashtra. joint replacement in Nashik
Rajebahadur Hospital and Research Center Pvt.Ltd. is proud of its legacy and lasting impact on the city of Nashik and we endeavor to continue serving Nashik and the rest of Maharashtra with great pride and distinction.
The availability of computer-assisted joint-replacement operation has substantially increased the sharpness of the surgery. Joint replacement surgery is a method in which the surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and then replace it with a new metal and plastic joint surface to repair the alignment and painless functioning of your joints.

Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik | Eye specialist in Nashik

knee replacement Surgery
Knee pain due to damage or illness prevents the overall quality of life. Where many knee problems might be fixed with non-surgical treatments, there are many such cases where knee surgery becomes necessary. Rajebahadur Hospital and Research Center Pvt.Ltd.As a Nashik Orthopedic surgeons are keen to offer knee surgery with primary origins of surgery yet customized strategy. Many improvements have been made in the field of knee surgery, improving the surgical procedures to be less invasive and more effective. joint replacement in Nashik

Joint Replacement Surgeon in Nashik | Eye specialist in Nashik

Hip Replacement Surgery

joint replacement in NashikHip replacement surgery is typically done to eliminate the pain in the hip joint and also guarantee the normal functionalities of the hip is replaced. Further, the aim is to strengthen the process of recovery so that our patients can walk normally without any problem at first. is one of for hip replacement surgery. In conditions where you have injured your hip or having trouble recovering from it even behind therapy and taking medicine.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

joint replacement in Nashik -Shoulder pain is an enormously simple And there are many causes associated with the problem. Arthritis is one of the common causes of old aged people. It is a condition that troubles the cartilage of joints. Shoulder arthritis produces cartilage of a joint to wear out thin & expose the open bone .as cartilage lining wears away that defensive lining inside the bones will be lost & this is the central cause of shoulder pain.