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A Journy Towords Light

The Chief Promoter – Shri.Madhusudan T.Rajebahadur expressed his thoughts about establishing Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center, in Nasik – A journey towards light. It is a dream achieving a status of reality. The journey is continued with progress – because he believes – the people progress and flourish who continue to walk While expressing his thoughts he was well aware that the path is long and difficult due to the hurdles. But he also knew – “When going gets tough, Tough gets going.” The management knows, it is a journey for a noble cause & a noble cause always creates energy, path and resources for itself, during its own progress.

The promoter has given the entire credit of this project to his father late Shrimant Trimbakrao Rajebahadur, a great visionary who was a advocate in those days when Maharashtra was just realizing importance of modern education. He was a one amongst the first few who were trained in Pune’s famous Deccan College in legal sciences and worked as District Magistrate in pre independence era. He had achieved it Solely on his merit, intelligence and dedicated hard work. He saw to it that the community was given good quality education. He had contributed generously to the educational, social developments of modern Nashik City. It was his wish to have a Tertiary Care Medical Center in Nashik.

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Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center is professionally managed Hospital organization in Nasik. It is a super specialty hospital commissioned on 7th September 1992, due to the innermost inspiration of Rajebahadur family. Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd. has taken many steps to bring medical facilities of International standards, within the reach of every individual of each class in an around Nasik. Since then it never looked back and continued to enrich itself in the direction of modernization of medical facilities in Nashik.

The hallmark of the Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd’s success till today – has been its uncompromising commitment in bringing the latest and highest standards of medical care in various new fields. Due to the consistent and dedicated services for last 27 years, the citizens of North Maharashtra have recognized this Hospital as a center of excellence in the area of Health care. The success in the field of humanitarian services has brought forward various other profound needs. One of such need was in the direction of starting a cardiac center.

Looking at the significance of such need and directed by inner inspiration, the Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center Pvt.Ltd. took initiative to establish Rajebahadur Heart Foundation in the year 1999. THE FIRST COMPREHENSIVE Cardiac care center of North Maharashtra was established in Nasik. Promoters felt that still something was missing. It was realized that the needs of medical facilities are going to last forever and there will be need of doctors & paramedics who are going to deliver those services to the society – generations after generations. The society needs doctors who are well trained, having clean character, economically well placed and bound to the profession by Hippocratic oath. A DNB center for the training of post graduate doctors & a Nursing institute for training the nurses were started by Rajebahadur Hospital And Research Centre Private Limited to generate qualified & efficient professionals.

We look forward to the widening horizons of medical field & associated fields to expand our expertise to serve the society more effectively & efficiently. The promoters have decided to expand the existing activities in phase wise manner. There will be renovation of the existing premises, additional construction & development of professional area & strategic understanding with successful market leaders.
We propose to start medical care in joint replacement, IVF, Neurology, Organ Transplant , Nephrology, Stem cell therapy & Comprehensive Cancer therapy. With this ambitious endeavor the volume of existing facilities will be more than doubled & the standard of such facilities will be at par with international class. As part of golden triangle Nashik is also developing very fast in all directions including medical field so we are looking at this project as a Medical Tourism Center. We look forward to a great success in this expansion programme by grace of God & the goodwill amongst the friends, patients & well wishers of Rajebahadur Hospital & Research Center.